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About Me

I am an East Bay native, currently living in Concord with my husband, two daughters, two dogs, 3 chickens, and snake. I started offering birth and photography services as a side gig while I was at home caring for my first daughter when she was a baby.

I hold a BS degree in biochemistry and cell biology from UC San Diego, and a M.Ed in secondary science curriculum and instruction from UC Berkeley. I was a public high school biology teacher for several years, and have been writing middle school curriculum at Lawrence Hall of Science for the last 3. I'm a certified childbirth educator (Bradley Methodâ„¢), and a certified labor and postpartum doula (Cornerstone).

I enjoy belly dancing, photographing people and places, camping, hiking, rock climbing, learning about pregnancy and birth, trying to live sustainably, gardening, brewing beer and cider, crafting, sewing, karaoke, experiencing sci-fi and fantasy movies and literature, doodling, and drawing my own tattoos, among other things! Read my featured story at Women of the Bay Area!

Here are 5 things you should know about me:

1. I love science. Plants, animals, nature, the ocean, space, the human body, the environment, the whole sha-bang! I am especially fascinated by the human body and the process of pregnancy and birth... hence how I got into the birth field.

2. I love science fiction, fantasy, and zombie anything. Star Trek, Star Wars, Buffy, Firefly, GOT, Fables, Wheel of Time, Harry Potters, Walking Dead, to name a few... Need I say more? Yes, I have gone to a sci-fi convention. No, I wasn't forced to. Wanna have a nerd-off? Also, Goonies never say "die".

3. Introverts are people too. Can I go home now?

4. I wish I could say that I know everything about the things I am fascinated by, involved in, and teach about, but that is just impossible. There is ALWAYS more to learn. I'm a lifelong learner. And, I'm really good at googling.

5. Dark chocolate all the way.

If you'd like to learn more about my professional experience, visit my profile on LinkedIn.

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