Belly Dance FAQ - Kristina Duncan

Belly Dance FAQ

What kind of belly dance do you teach?

I teach fusion style belly dance, which means the basic moves are similar to more traditional styles, but the stylization is a little different.  I also incorporate moves from other genres (latin, jazz, folk, hip hop) and prefer to use more eclectic music (EDM, world hip hop, balkan) in addition to traditional Arabic music. My style is laid back -- I want people to have fun while challenging their bodies and their brains! You should try it, and if you find yourself wanting more technical training, I can recommend some teachers to you!

What is the class like?

I will start with a brief warm up, followed by drills to practice skills, a short choreography, and a brief cool down.

I have no belly dancing experience.  Can I take your class??

OF COURSE! We will go over basic technique and common belly dance steps.  No experience necessary! Don't worry and just have fun!

I have some belly dancing experience. Can I take your class? 

The class is meant for beginners, but there will be modifications suggested for more experienced dancers.  I suggest dropping in and seeing if it will fit your needs! If you are an experienced belly dancer and are looking for performance opportunities, I'm looking for people who want to form a troupe based out of Concord! Contact me!

What do I wear??

Workout clothes are appropriate -- like what you would wear to yoga or zumba. No need to show your belly, but you can if you want to! We typically dance barefoot, but if you need to wear shoes due to comfort/foot issues, please use dance shoes, shoes with no tread, or I can show you how to use a sock on your shoe! Hip scarves and coin belts are common and fun, though not required.

I'm a guy. Can I take your belly dance class?

OF COURSE! While it is true that the majority of belly dancers are women, and that the class will be mostly women, MALE BELLY DANCERS DO EXIST! Belly dance is great for all ages, body types and genders! So please, come shimmy down with us!

I booked you to perform at my party.  Is the audience allowed to give you tips? 

Yes! I encourage audience participation.  It is up to you if you want to have the audience tipping me to come dance by them. But, please be respectful of my boundaries. No groping of any kind and remember that belly dancers are not strippers--no clothing will be removed! I reserve the right to stop my performance if I feel that I am being disrespected or endangered in anyway.

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